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KEREK is a construction company (or builders) based in bristol with originality and passion. Our core principles and beliefs in quality of craftsmanship and interaction with clients has achieved us many projects presented in our portfolio


Types of projects KEREK offers extensions, loft conversions, new build, renovations, alterations and new roofs.


KEREK offers a full construction service and uses trusted local tradesman. The construction phase of any project is always the most stressful for the client. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure the client's needs are always fulfilled. Often our biggest consideration is ensuring the client still has a secure, clean and weather tight home whilst their house is being modified.


Our local knowledge and experience means that many problems in local houses are identified before work even begins. Our experience with tight streets and access has forced us to sometimes use different methods for delivering materials and removing waste. We believe that there are never any problems in building only solutions!


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